Independent through innovation

We provide the citizens of Cuba with sustainable energy supply products for more independence

The service company by Cubans for Cuba

Hi! We are Diddi & Osmaida.

Our Mission: Energy-Independence with your own gas and electricity production.

We supply Cuba’s households with greentech products to be independent from gas and electricity and helping the government to save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Biogas for cooking, Solar Energy to take care of your electricity and sun water pump systems to constantly have water supply.

Our BioPower Systems

Our biogas systems are easy to install and use anaerobic digestion to decompose food waste and manure, converting the organic matter into biogas that is used for cooking. Homeowners can use our biogas system to convert food waste and other types of waste into renewable, environmentally friendly energy.


So you can see just how terribly excited I get about this because it’s amazing and it’s simple and it’s so mind-blowing!

Paul Poston

I use it for cooking and it has really changed my life because it is cheaper and it's a unique thing because immediately you go to the kitchen and just light it on. With charcoal, there's a process and it's really smokey.


I bought the HomeBiogas systems 5 years ago as soon as I heard about its environmental benefits and have been using it daily since! HomeBiogas powers 2 burners of my stove while the other 2 are electric. The gas experience is FAR better! It's my daily choice.


Our SunPower Systems

If your area is troubled with frequent power cuts, it’s time you invest in off-grid PWM Based solar system. It is a cost effective solution that lets you save extra solar energy in batteries to use during power cuts.

Our SunWater Systems

Our Sunwater pump systems allow you to create hot water through solar energy. Use sunlight to your advantage and produce your own hot water.

Our Services

Founder Academy

We support young Cuban founders to start their own business and lead a free, self-determined life with the help of their own company.

Market Entry

We accompany foreign companies to enter the Cuban market.

Health Tourism

We promote medical treatments and health services for locals and tourists.

Our Impact

We are contributing to 13 of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Be equal minded in both success and failure.

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